The idea to create an innovation and genuine Croatian product with motifs
of Croatian cities and the interlacing ribbon ornament was born in 2003.
23rd August and 3rd September 2004 the company for industrial design was registered.
This marked the realization of the idea to create an innovation and genuine
Croatian product with motifs of Croatian cities and the interlacing ribbon ornament.

September 2004 – The first fashion show with products featuring motifs of Croatian cities at the “Eko etno” fashion show held at the Zagreb Fair and at the “Fashion Week” in Zagreb.

November 2004 – fashion show in London sponsored by “The British-Croatian Society Annual Dinner” in the hall of the Battersea Arts Centre.

– At the European Miss Tourism contest in Lithuania the current Miss Croatia wore one of the dresses with the Zagreb motif.
– Design of the outfit for the Croatian hair styling team at the world contest in Milan. Numerous articles in local and international press bear witness to a great success of this team.

– Products with motifs of Croatian cities were presented at the Croatian National Television in the “Parlaonica” show dedicated to the topic “Let’s buy Croatian”.

2005 – Founding of the “Studio DeMi DESIGN” in Zagreb and launching of the new Croatian brand “Cro etno”.

June  2005 – Presenting of the innovations and fashion show of the new collection within the scope of the Assembly of the AMCA – The School for Textile Technology in Zagreb. The innovation and the project was described in the article “Tracing Croatian Motifs in the Fashion Clothes and Souvenirs” which appeared in the journal Tekstil, published by the  School of Technology in Zagreb.


September  2005 – Formal presentation of the “Cro etno” products (shirt and tie with a Dubrovnik motif) to Sir Roger Moore, Julian Rachlin and Mišo Mihočević on the occasion of the opening of the festival “Julian Rachlin & friends” in Dubrovnik.

October  2005 – Within the scope of the world SKAL Congress held in Zagreb, at the final ceremony 25 hostesses wore costumes with motifs of Croatian cities which aroused great attention of both domestic and foreign guests.

December 2005 – Miss Maja Cvjetković wore a designer dress for Miss Croatia with a Dubrovnik motif at the Miss World Contest held in China.

March 2006 – Participation at the “Golden Thread” fashion show held in the Hotel Regent – Zagreb, as well as on the fashion show “Days of Fashion and Marriage” held at the Zagreb Fair.

April 2006 – Participation at the “Fashion Week” in Sarajevo and presentation of Croatian products in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

May 2006 – Participation at the contest “Face of the Year” in the Hotel Regent – Zagreb, where the female contestants wore “Cro etno” products with motifs of Croatian cities.

July  2006 – Production of outfits for the hostesses of the Pula Film Festival, as well as for the programme hosts.

September 2006 – Production of the dress for Miss Austria Tatjana Batinić, for the Miss World contest held in Poland.


August 2006 – Design of the festival uniform for the festival “Julian Rachlin & Friends” and shirts for Sir Roger Moore, Julian Rachlin, Mišo Mihočević, as well as ties for Thomas Muster and other distinguished festival guests, with the Dubrovnik motif.


September 2006 – Participation in the event “Let’s buy Croatian” in Zagreb and Rijeka

– Participation at the International Innovation Fair in Zagreb held within the Zagreb Fair, as a Croatian innovator. Presentation of “Cro etno” products and innovations. The TV coverage of this event was on Z1 Channel in the programme “Innovations – a Croatian product” The author was also guest of the Z1 Channel in a programme which presented Croatian products.

November 2006 – Participation in the Miss and Mr. Tourism Croatia in Opatija which was an opportunity for the spectators to see the products worn by the contestants along with the accessories with the motifs of Croatian cities and the interlacing ribbon ornament. The entire event was covered by the media. A report was broadcast on the OTV Channel in the programme “The Embrace of Beauty” featuring the “Cro etno” products.

February 2007 – Participation at the Trade Fair “Genuine Croatian – Histria 2007” in Pula.

Forthcoming events: participation at the “Milanovendemoda” Fair in Milan and “Kvarner expo – Opatija” held as part of the Souvenir Fair.
April 2007 – Participation at the souvenir fair Kvarner EXPO 2007 in Opatija.

September 2007 – Participation at the Miss and Mr. Tourism World – Croatia 2007 in Sveti Martin na Muri. All contenders wore CRO ETNO clothes with motifs of Croatian cities, interlacing ribbon pattern and glagolithic script. The event was covered by all the Croatian media, giving everyone a chance to get acquainted with new products of DEMI DESIGN.


October 2007 – The best known and wealthiest shoe designer in the world, Gimmi Baldinini photographed in his factory in Rimini for a NOVA TV program together with the journalist Nenad Hervatin wearing a CRO ETNO tie and motif of the city of Dubrovnik.

November 2007 – Within the scope of the Forum of Business and Professional Women (BPW) of the Danube basin – Danube Net held in Pula, the promotion and presentation of CRO ETNO products took place, featuring motifs of Croatian cities, interlacing ribbon pattern and glagolithic script. The products evoked an interest of everyone present, including Croatia’s President Mesić.


February 2008 – Participation on a commercial fair “Genuine Croatian” HISTRIA 2008 in Pula
February 2008 – Fashion show in the Hotel Sheraton in Zagreb.




March 2008 – Participation at the souvenir fair Kvarner EXPO 2008 in Opatija. Within the fair a presentation of souvenirs and business gifts CRO ETNO took place, as well as a fashion show featuring the motifs of Opatija, interlacing ribbon pattern and glagolithic script. The models at the fashion show were well known winners of Miss Tourism Croatia.